Fantastic work Jim! The video was AWESOME!! We have not stopped watching it after work since Wednesday. I love the beginning with our parents comments and us walking across the grass!!! Great surprise. Vince loved the honeymoon pictures set to music. Spinning from my regular clothes into my wedding dress was so beautiful and different . . . Great job!

Thanks for sending us the raw footage. That is fun to watch too! The cases you put the DVDs in are really nice!!! Having your video to remember our wedding day was the best purchase we made. To watch our friends and family having so much fun and the love we have in our eyes on that day is wonderful. Thanks for everything and we can't wait to show everyone your video!

~ Krista and Vince Moffatt

WOW!!! Jason and I just finished watching our amazing wedding video! Jim, saying thank you would not be enough! You truly captured every moment and emotion that we went through that day. It was exactly what I wanted from our video and soooo much more! The music you used was perfect, the personal glimpses of our faces, the details of our church, our reception . . . it was ideal!!

The dance segment at the end, I love!!! I laughed when you caught the cocktail hour alarm fiasco and my reaction! Our drunk friends with the glow lights, the mummers, capturing our phenomenal band, our first dance, my nephew, the shots of us in front of City Hall, us in our Rolls Royce . . . I can go on and on. Listening to us reciting our vows, that touched my heart.

We relived our wedding through the video you created, which photographs could never have done. You captured all of my guests without being obtrusive, I was never aware of your presence, which truly shows your talent and professionalism. Seeing the flowers I chose, our cake, the gorgeous Crystal Tea Room; it all reminded me of how wonderful our wedding was, thank you Bravo!!

~ Marina and Jason Albert

I watched it probably 55 times already at least. I love it! I am getting a ton of compliments on it. Some friends that have already booked a videographer for their wedding have mentioned wanting to change and use you!

~ Megan and Steve Wreath

I wanted to thank you so much for EVERYTHING! You did an amazing job. Keep up the great work and creativeness. I can tell by the first time talking to you, I wanted you as our videographer. I had the confidence and felt I didn't have to worry about a thing. I was right. We are truly thankful and grateful we can look back on a great piece of work you have created for us. One of the most special moments in life, like you advertise. You are right, "Capturing Life's Precious Moments".

The parts I love best are where I am sitting on the front stairs looking up into the sky, my mom hugging me in one of the bedrooms, getting out of the limo before the ceremony, putting my arm up in the air saying "Yea, I can get out of this limo with my big a** dress and be ready to go"! Mind my language by the way. The bridesmaids waving in the church parking lot, the WHOLE reception was great!

Now, the part I adore the most is the music video. Oh-My-God! That whole segment is so precious! Jay and I walking into the reception announcing our names, how he threw up his hands in the air and was like "Yea, come on!" Oh! Loved it! I must have played that music video over and over. Myself laughing not once, but twice during the best man's speech. I loved it! I am sure there are plenty of other moments I love. There are too many which I am so thankful for. Thank you again for being you. I will get as many brides to hire you as I can. Believe me, you are worth it!

~ Michele and Jay McClain Jr.

I don't know where to begin, other than to say thank you! Because of your talent, I am the proud owner of the most amazing wedding video. You really surpassed my expectations with our video. It is absolutely amazing. I'm so glad to have chosen you for my videographer and will recommend you for years to come. I must admit that I have watched my wedding video many times and it never gets old. I didn't realize that there would be so much that I missed on our wedding day, but with your video, I got to see everything. I wish you could video us for the rest of our lives because you have shown us like no one else. Thank you for caring about us and showing that through our video. I am so grateful for your work and attention to detail.

~ Sharazad and Michael Golovacha

We wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job with all of our wedding videos. Your extreme care, attention to detail, and patience was above and beyond what we expected and it made our wedding planning and wedding day much less stressful. We are so appreciative of all the little things. We are so happy to have had you at our wedding.

~ Ilana and Robbie Horwitz

Thank you so much for creating a priceless keepsake of our wedding day. The wedding video is absolutely amazing and we love it. You are a true professional and we are so glad you captured our day. We love the montage and music video -- they are great recaps that we'll be able to show everyone. I would recommend you to everyone I know getting married! Thank you so much!

~ Diane and Sal Zagarella

We just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic job you did. Our friends and family cannot stop talking about the Love Story! And we can't stop watching it! We have been so impressed by how Passionate you are about your work, the tremendous effort you put in to creating the perfect video, and especially your warmth and kindness. We truly enjoyed our day with you filming the Love Story and it was a pleasure having you film our wedding. Knowing how amazing the Love Story was, we can't wait to see the wedding video!

~ Warmest Regards, Debbie and Brad Pliner

I am speechless! Words cannot express how pleased I am with the video you created of my daughter's wedding. You have not only met but exceeded my expectations and have produced a wonderful memory, for which I am truly grateful. I still have one more wedding to hold and you will definitely be my vendor of choice.

~ Sincerely, Andrea Stamps

Keith and I received the wedding video last night and we couldn't be happier. From the packaging to the professional looking menu options to the choice of music, everything was perfect. Also, the extra video that you included at the very end was hilarious and exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for the wonderful job that you did!

~ Sincerely, Cathy Thompson

I saw Tina and Keith's tape yesterday. It was AWESOME! Keep up the great work! You are truly talented. I will keep up the referrals!!!

~ Cathy Long

It was wonderful. We all watched it over the weekend and had so many laughs and tears. You did an excellent job. Thanks.

~ Jennifer Costello

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful video you did for Beth and Dave's wedding! You really covered what they wanted and captured the day fantastically! We watched it when we visited them in Chicago last weekend and it was fun to re-live that beautiful day. I especially loved having the ceremony on video and I love what you did at the end with the "credits" and the pictures of family weddings. Very moving.

~ Judy Cherry

You did a great job with our video capturing the spirit of the occasion. Debbie looked great and I didn't look bad either ?. We will treasure the video always and want to recognize the time and effort you put into your work.

~ Michael Shaw

We really love our wedding video. Thank you for helping make our wedding day a special memory. The video has very special meaning to me and thoroughly captured the detail and emotion of our wedding.

~ Best Regards, Debbie Shaw